How To Convince Someone For Marriage

When you are in love and fully ready to get married it is a very big and exciting feeling. But it is not important that whom you love is loved by your parents also. When you are ready to marry your love but your family wants you to marry the guys they have chosen for that means arranged marriage is a worst situation and also a stressful feeling. To convince them that the guy you have chosen for yourself is the right guy and also you make them understand what marriage is for you. For that you should first assess whether your partner is right or not. Make sure you both are ready to marry each other. You are sure, then introduce your Partner to your family and let them get to know each other. This will take time but at the end everyone will get convinced.

Here are few tips which will help you to convince someone for love marriage :

  1. Show That You Will Be a Good Better Half – If you are sure about your partner then try to make them understand you will be the perfect better half for them as you know each other from so long and understand each other so much.
  2. Get Your Married Friends to Talk to Them – if your partner is in doubt about marriage ask your married friends to tell them that there is no loss in marrying the one you love. Your life becomes easy and beautiful when you marry the one you love. 
  3. Make Sure Your partner is Comfortable – Before asking your partner for marriage first confirm that they are ready to get married and they are comfortable in spending the whole life with you. Make them comfortable first.
  4. Tell Them How Much Important They Are to You – Tell your partner the importance of love and this relationship in your life. Make them understand how much you are involved and want this relationship.

How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

Once your partner is convinced of the love marriage, it’s time to talk to your family. Here are few tips which will help you to convince your parents for love marriage :

  1. Introduce your Partner to your parents – if you want to get married with your love the first step is to introduce your love to your family. Let them get to know each other and understand the relationship between you both and how much you guys are involved with each other. Let your Partner meet your family at the right time. 
  2. Introduce your Partner as your friends – if you are not sure about your parents reaction then the best way is to introduce your partner as your friend to them. Your parents will get to know your partner as your friend and maybe they will take more interest.  You can share the positive points of your partner with your parents like they are understanding, caring and your relationships will last long and it will not be a difficult thing.
  3. Give a live example – tell them about some similar cases of love marriage before taking your Partner to home. It will help you to make them better understand that this is not the first time people get married with the one they love and have a successful life ahead. 
  4. Explain how compatible you both are – caste, horoscope, food custom, family history, and financial status are not important compatibility is the most important factor for marriage. Compatibility depends on the type of your character, belief, tastes and approach to the relationship. All things develop when you know each other for at least 2-3 years. Make them understand that you are perfect and compatible with each other which is the most important mantra for a successful marriage.
  5. Don’t give up – After knowing the fact that you are not able to convince them, don’t give up. If you give up your family will think that this is not important for you. But if you keep convening them to the last minute you will get success and your parents will get ready for your love marriage.

These are a few things which will help you to convince your parents for your love marriage.